The most trusted and favorite media of mass communication is the news. Those days are gone when people used to wait for the news bearer from the king. Even that generation is passed when the first thing you did in the morning was to get newspaper from the doormat. Now you just connect your ipad to the Wi-Fi and read news that you find interesting. This is the time of digital news. The news about your favorite smart phone or the mobile firm. The news about what is going on in the palace of gadgets.

We bring you the news from around the world of handhelds. Who is introducing the new technology? What new technology is being launched? What will it do? How useful will it be? Which is the leading brand? Who sued whom? What was the verdict on Apple-Samsung quarrel? When is Facebook launching its new smart phone? Did you know that Samsung galaxy SIII was the first smart phone other than Iphone to get the media attention on its launch same as latter received? And that a California based firm Tactus developed a tablet which has pop up buttons in its screen i.e. the keyboard pops out for typing on demand. Find more related, detailed, and analyzed news and editorial columns about the latest launch of mobiles and gadgets. Keep tab on the newly released features and what they are capable of with our news section. Get hold of the latest knowledge about the most awaited smart devices before they are even available in the market. The ever growing and dynamic market of smart gadgets is taking a toll on the consumers as they get more and more confused with what product to buy. Here at NUCG we work hard to ensure that you get your regular dose of technology and do not get lagged behind with your mediocre cell phone that you possess. The rapidly developing may soon be replacing the computers if they progress at the current rate. We will be the first one to tell you if that happen. Stay tuned for latest news on your favorite and most awaited gadgets.

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Virtual Reality technology

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